City of Wilmington: Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

The City of Wilmington will utilize the NSP funds to purchase and rehabilitate residential properties for resale, rent or redevelopment, as well as establish finance mechanisms. A small portion of the funds will be used for demolition.

City of Wilmington NSP Geographic Area(s) Served
Prioritized zip codes are:
19801, 19802 (Part), & 19805 (Part)
NSP Foreclosure Map

The City of Wilmington will be working with the following partners for NSP:

Housing Counseling Agencies
Housing Counseling Agency Referral List
City of Wilmington will be working with many partners for NSP. The key partners for NSP are as follows:
Name Phone Number
Housing Opportunities of Northern Delaware, Inc (302) 429-0794
NCALL Research, Inc (302) 283-7505
Neighborhood House, Inc (302) 652-3928
West End Neighborhood House (302) 658-4171
YWCA Delaware Homeownership Education (302) 224-4060
Interfaith Community Housing of Delaware (302) 652-3991

For more information about City of Wilmington NSP, please contact (302) 576-3000, or go to the City of Wilmington, Department of Real Estate & Housing at: