Kent County: Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

It is the goal of the Kent County NSP to stymie a potential decline of housing values, to stop neighborhood blight, and stimulate viable neighborhoods and to place households in these properties that are 50% and 120% of the County's median income. Every effort will be made to ensure that the Kent County NSP activities in conjunction with our partners, are at a concentration to make a long-term positive impact in the targeted neighborhoods.

Kent County NSP Geographic Area(s) Served
Prioritized zip codes are:
19934, 19977, 19904, 19938, 19952, 19962, & 19963
NSP Foreclosure Map

Kent County will be working with the following partners for NSP:

Housing Counseling Agencies
Housing Counseling Agency Referral List
Kent County is partnering with the following counseling agencies for NSP counseling:
Name Phone Number
First State Community Action Agency (302) 674-1355
NCALL Research, Inc (302) 678-9400

For more information about Kent County NSP, please contact (302) 744-2480 or go to the Kent County Planning Service website at: